What’s on my bookshelf?

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Hello, fellow book lovers!

I thought it might be fun to share which books we have on our bookshelves. In this post, I’m sharing what’s on mine!

Now, I don’t actually have that big of a bookshelf (gasp! What an utter disgrace I am as a reader!) but in my defense, I don’t have the space and, these days, I mostly read on my phone or e-reader anyway. Do I still love books? Hell, yeah! If I could have all my ebooks in paperback or hardback, I would.

All the books currently on my bookshelf are ones I love deeply. They are ones that carry memories and a lot of them from my childhood and teenage years. I bet you guys have a few like that on your shelves as well.



At the top of my bookshelf is the Hollows series by Kim Harrington. You might have noticed that the books to the left look different than the rest and that’s because they’re in a different language. In case you don’t know this about me, I am Danish, and I live in the small Scandinavian country Denmark. Those three books are in Danish, and the rest are in English.

My mom bought me the first one (thank you mom for always supporting my book addiction!) and I was instantly hooked so we went down to the bookshop to get the rest of the series, but lo and behold, only three had been translated to Danish. Once I’d gone through those three books, I went online in search of more but only found them in English. Luckily for me, most of the series had already been written so I had lots to read. I don’t think I’d ever read a book in English before then and I was so desperate to know what happened next in the series that I jumped right in and ordered a few of the English books.

I read the rest of the series in English, and I have barely read any Danish books since. I fell deep and hard in love with reading and later on, writing, in English. Those books were definitely the catalyst to my English writing career.

The newest books on my bookshelf

The shelf below houses all my MM books and yes, it’s such a small collection that I have some of my own on there, too. They are the updated versions of my Salvation Kings series, and they don’t fit in with the other ones of my books that I keep on my office bookshelf (they are 5 x 8 inches whereas the old ones are 6 x 9 inches and my tism just can’t take them not being the same size when they’re the only books on that bookshelf). I’m so happy about the new editions and the fact that I’m able to sell them in my shop!

Next to my own books are some books from Saxon James and Eden Finley’s Puckboys series. I absolutely adore these books! If you like hockey romance, you should absolutely check them out. They’ve got a lot of MM sports romance books and they’re all amazing! I’m currently reading their newest release Bromantic Puckboy and I’m loving every second of it! Miles and Bilson are not only sweet but also so much fun.

If Morally Gray is your favorite song, the Necessary Evils series by Onley James is just for you! Psychopaths ridding the earth of scumbags while finding their soulmates and making a mess for their father to clean up? Yes, please!

I’m sure most already know the Captive Prince series but if you don’t, let me just tell you how incredibly written this whole series is! So much intrigue and plot twists that’ll leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. The story of Damen and Laurent is a slow burn but so worth it!

Next is a signed copy of Pins & Needles by A. J. Thomas that I won in a giveaway many years ago and man, do I love everything about that book! I mean, who doesn’t love a sexy tattoo artist?

Last on this shelf is Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS series and if you haven’t heard about this series yet, which rock have you been living under? The series has shifters, murders, humor, and an amazing partners-to-lovers story. You’re gonna love Dex, I guarantee it! Though, I have to admit that I love grumpy Ash just a tiny bit more.


Next are my spy books. Man, I loved those books like crazy. Oh, the ‘Gallagher Girls’ days! Crawling through air vents, going to a secret spy school, having a tight-knit group of spy friends to save the world with? What’s not to love about that?

I remember writing my own little spy stories. I would create book covers for them with pictures I found online or with ones I took. None of those stories were ever finished but I have them all saved and it’s always fun to go back and look at them. I always end up surprised or laughing. Or both!


Just below the spy books are my paranormal romance and fantasy books. House of Night, Hex Hall, Shadow Falls, Hush Hush, and Fallen. I remember loving every second of reading these books! What an amazing time that was. If you’re into YA/NA paranormal romance, I highly recommend all these books!


On the bottom shelf to the left are my grandmother’s sewing books. Tragically, she passed away in 2023 very unexpectedly and I miss her dearly. Having some of her sewing supplies and being able to use all the things she collected throughout her life feels like a good way of honoring her.

The last few books I have on my bookshelf are a few horse books including the Chestnut Hill series which I loved as a teen, the Selection series, 13 Reasons Why, Before I Fall, the Madison Avery trilogy, the Katriona Trivallia trilogy, and one of my all-time favorite book series The Shamer’s Daughter. It’s a Danish book series that has also been made into a musical and two movies (you might be able to watch them on Netflix).

Aside from dragons, murder, and conspiracies to take over a kingdom, the books are about a young girl named Dina who sees people’s shame when she looks them in the eyes. As you can imagine, making friends is hard for her because who wants to look at their friend and instantly be reminded of their deepest shame? I related hard to this as a kid, probably without even realizing it. Making friends was hard for me too because most other kids didn’t like my bluntness or my honesty. Undiagnosed ADHD and autism as a kid, especially as a girl, was extremely hard. Fortunately, I did find friends who love me the way I am and so did Dina.

Which books would I like to have on my bookshelf?

A series of books that I would absolutely love to have on my bookshelf is the Cut & Run series by Madelaine Urban and Abigail Roux. Unfortunately, they’re hard to find as half of them have been unpublished (due to issues with rights and publishing). These books were some of the first MM books I ever read and definitely what made me explore more of the world of gay romance books.

Here’s a bit of kitty tax for you because they absolutely needed to be involved in taking the pictures for this blog post. Can you guess which one’s the biggest derp? Also, if you spot fur in any of the pictures, these two are the culprits!


So, tell me, what’s on your bookshelf? Which books did you just have to have in paperback or hardback? Do you buy different versions of the same books because of the different covers? Please share down in the comments below!


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