Walker’s life didn’t turn out the way he planned, but he’s worked hard the past three years to change that. He met his best friend when he started working at the Salvation Kings’ auto shop and even knowing just how bad an idea it is, he can’t stop his heart from getting involved. Being secretly in love with his best friend sucks, but he can’t help loving Jet. He’s everything Walker could ever want, which is why when Jet asks Walker to kiss him, he can’t say no.

Jet’s life is changed with a single kiss. He never imagined something so insignificant as a kiss could have such a big impact on him, but kissing Walker opens a whole new world for him. Walker might be his best friend, but what if they could have more than friendship? What if he could love Walker in a different way? Convincing Walker that he’s serious about starting a relationship with him is difficult, especially when the horror that is Walker’s past threatens to pull them apart.

Walker pushes him away when someone dangerous from his past comes back for him, but Jet won’t let anything come between them. Not even murder.

2 reviews for JET

  1. PL

    Jet was easy going but badass when he needed to be. The author built up their yearning for one another perfectly.

    Walker needed a strong protector; someone who believed him and stood by him no matter what. Jet was perfect for Walker and I loved how he always had Walker’s back.

    I really enjoyed Jet and Walker’s story – it was fun, steamy with a dash of danger to keep things interesting.

  2. avenue17

    What remarkable words

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