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Paperback front cover of Ace: King's Disciples MC book seven by author Ana Night.

Ace has done some stupid shit in his life, which is probably why no one is surprised when he crashes his bike. What does come as a surprise, though, is the butterflies in his stomach whenever he sees the firefighter who saved him. Kody shouldn’t be making him feel anything because he’s straight. Except he can’t deny his attraction to Kody. He needs to know if what he feels is real and the second Kody’s lips are on his, he knows he’ll never want to let the man go.

Kody has already had his heart broken once, and he’s not looking for a repeat, but Ace is nothing like his ex. He’s sweet and sexy as hell and makes him laugh. Ace is easy to fall for and he knows he should stay away, but he’s inexplicably drawn to the man. He’s not sure which part is the most daunting: Ace being an outlaw biker or Ace being straight. Neither seems to stop him from jumping right in despite the risk to his heart.

When Kody gets into a dangerous situation, Ace will do whatever it takes to keep him safe, but will that push Kody away from him or bring him closer?


Paperback front cover of Ace: King's Disciples MC book seven by author Ana Night.
Picture of gay romance author Ana Night. Smiling young woman with long curly hair.

About the author


Ana is the author of several gay romance books. She’s an avid reader who has loved the written word since she discovered it. When she was a kid, she never went anywhere without a notebook. She was always writing, be it in the backseat of the car, between classes in school, or by the pool on vacations.

When she’s not writing, you can find her with her nose buried in a book, singing and dancing, watching her favorite TV shows, or creating book covers.

Ana lives in Denmark where she spends most of her time running from her ninja kitty—that one goes for the ankles—and getting lost in the woods with her horse.

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Book cover of Joker: Salvation Kings MC book two by author Ana Night.
Cover of Saint: Salvation Kings MC book one by author Ana Night.

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Front and back cover of Ares: King's Disciples MC series book one, a gay romance book by author Ana Night.

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