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“No one’s gonna hurt you, Jace. No one.”

“You can’t promise that,” Jace said, his voice shaky.

“Yes I can. Because I’ll kill anyone who tries.”


“If this is an intervention, you can go fuck yourselves.”


“What are you doing?” Griff asked, his voice hoarse.

“What’s it look like?”

“Looks like you’re trying to drive me crazy.”


“Make it go away,” Diesel whispered against his lips. “Make me forget.”


Ana Night is a new author for me and I’m so glad I’ve found her. I loved her world-building, can’t wait to read the next story. If you like your stories packed with hot MC guys and plenty of action, give this series a try.

– Amazon reviewer


I can’t wait for the next book to come out cause I have been binge reading all of King Salvation and then Kings Disciples books, they are that good.

– Amazon Reviewer


I have been dying (aka waiting impatiently) for this book. Ares captured my attention from the 1st Kings book. I’m so happy he got his HEA. Him and Jace were HOTT and sweet. Cannot wait for the next book.

– Amazon Reviewer