Juno doesn’t do relationships and he’s content with that, right until Rome walks through the front door of the tattoo shop Juno works at. Rome is a dangerous man to want, but Juno didn’t join the Salvation Kings because he was afraid to go after what he wants. He’s always looking for a new adventure and being with Rome seems to be the kind that’ll never end. But what starts as a physical relationship soon evolves into much more than Juno ever thought he’d want.

Rome D’Alessio is a made man, forever bound to the Cosa Nostra and his boss, Marco Serrano. Being a gay man in his world is not only dangerous but also very lonely. The latter changes when he meets Juno, a tattoo artist and patched member of the Salvation Kings Motorcycle Club, whom he can’t seem to take his eyes off. Juno makes him want things he’s long thought he couldn’t have.

When Serrano comes under attack, Rome is forced to seek help from Juno and the Kings, putting their relationship to the test. Can they weather the storm long enough to realize that all they want is each other?

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Rome was dangerous, beautiful
yet intense. He devoured Juno with his eyes every time he saw him and I was more than happy to get lost in that moment.

Juno was sweet and I loved how he brightened Rome’s life.

Juno and Rome were beautiful together. Their chemistry was hot as hell and burned through the pages.

Great story but felt a little rushed in places.

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