When Kai fucks up and needs to run and hide, there’s only one man he can go to for help. Or, rather, there’s only one man he wants to go to. Steel might not be too happy to see him, but Kai is certain the chemistry he’s felt between them since they first met will work in his favor. After all, who could resist a disgraced assassin with a hit out on him?

Harboring a fugitive is not how Steel wanted to spend his time, but one look at a disheveled and skittish Kai and he can’t help but give in. The assassin intrigues him, though he also pisses him off like no one else. Steel is not sure if he’ll be losing his mind or his heart by giving in to Kai’s advances, but, either way, he knows he’s screwed.

When Kai realizes that Steel is what he truly wants, he has to ensure he’ll have more than a life on the run to offer him, and in order to do that, he’ll have to stop hiding and fight back, even if it means he might not live long enough to make a home with Steel.

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  1. PL

    The things Kai did to get under Steel’s skin made me crack up. There was so much more to Kai, so many layers but underneath it all, he was a man who wanted to leave his past behind and find love.

    The simmering tension between Kai and Steel was so hot and delicious. I was sitting back and waiting for the fireworks to finally go off.

    Fantastic book and I really enjoyed it.

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