Mal: A Salvation Kings MC Novella

Sean has been forging things since he was a teenager. Paintings, vases, and documents he can do in his sleep. He’s even gotten very good at pretending he’s not in love with Mal. He risked his relationship with the Kings for the man and he doesn’t even know it, though that’s mostly because Sean can’t find him. Lucky for him, one day out of the blue, Mal shows up at his doorstep. The not-so-lucky part? He’s got a nasty bullet wound.

Mal has been a part of the darker side of the world for most of his life. Killing is what he does best. It’s all he’s ever known until two years ago when he accidentally saved Sean’s life and fell in love with him. He’s been running from those feelings ever since, but when he’s injured, the only person he can go to for help is Sean, and being around the man again only has him falling harder. He wants Sean more than anything, but most of all, he wants an actual relationship, and he knows Sean doesn’t want that.

Will Mal have time to convince Sean to give their relationship a chance before danger inevitably comes looking for them?

1 review for Mal: A Salvation Kings MC Novella

  1. Parul

    This was a short story focusing on Sean and Mal. These two guys were hot, sexy and sweet in and out of the sheets.

    I enjoyed the other two books in the series and this one definitely didn’t disappoint either.

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