Zero Paperback

Being released from prison is bittersweet for Jack. He may have done his time, but now he’ll have to make up for the things that got him locked up in the first place. Getting back into his club and King’s good graces may take more than he has to give. Then there’s the problem of his very own knight in shining armor who keeps jumping to his defense. All he really knows about Zero is that the guy pisses him off. For more than one reason.

When Zero looks at Jack, he sees himself. Broken. Bruised. Desperately looking for a second chance. Even when Jack makes it perfectly clear he doesn’t want help, Zero can’t stay away. He sees right through Jack’s tough exterior, and he’s spellbound from day one. But when Jack starts to look at him in a way no one ever has, he finds it hard to believe anyone could ever love someone like him.

Jack’s bad choices catch up to him fast and when everything blows up, will he be able to stay out of prison and keep Zero safe at the same time?

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Print Length

198 Pages


5 x 8 x 0.5905 Inches

Publication Date

19 December, 2023

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1 review for Zero Paperback

  1. Parul

    3.5 stars

    Zero was so sweet but the way Jack treated him was somewhat upsetting.

    Jack had major anger issues and Zero found himself being the person he unleashed that anger on.

    I enjoyed watching Zero make a place for himself in Jack’s heart. These two deserved love and happiness.

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