Hawk is an enforcer for the Salvation Kings, and he’s used to doing odd jobs for his president, but he never expected to be protecting the younger brother of King’s old Army buddy. Especially because said Army buddy is still in the Army, but then he meets Elijah, and his world is instantly turned upside down. He never thought he’d need anything other than his club and his brothers, but being with Elijah makes him want so much more.

Elijah’s life is so normal and boring that the last thing he expects is to get involved with a motorcycle club. But then again, he never thought he’d watch someone dump a body, either. While the murderer is in jail, Elijah starts to notice someone stalking him, and the last thing he wants is for someone else to follow him around all day, but neither his brother nor Hawk will take no for an answer. He knows Hawk is dangerous, but during their time together, he gets to know a man he could easily imagine a life with.

With a murderer targeting Elijah, and Hawk’s past threatening to jeopardize the life he’s built, the odds aren’t in their favor. Will they come out on the other side unscathed?

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  1. PL

    Hawk was sweet yet protective of Elijah. It was sweet when he started learning ASL so he can communicate better with Eli.

    Elijah was adorable and I loved it when he ogled Hawk or when he ran his fingers over Hawk’s tats. These two didn’t have to try hard to be good together: they just were. The sexual tension was built up perfectly and the chemistry was off the charts.

    Fantastic story, thoroughly enjoyed it. Great addition to the series!

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