A Guarded Raider


Detective Cole Banks never thought he’d find love and certainly not with a man like Cade. Neither did he think he’d ever meet his boyfriend’s family under such dire circumstances. They have to get back what Cade stole from Richard and hid in England, but it turns out to require more than a simple grab-and-run mission.

Cade Lawson may have finally gotten his family back, but what will it mean for his relationship with Cole? Letting Cole see the side of him he buried so many years before is as freeing as it is frightening and having to step back into that role is even more so. But to keep them all safe, he has no choice but to do it.

When they return home, it’s to a scattered homicide department. The mole at BPD has returned with a vengeance and Captain Morris puts Cade and Cole in charge of catching him. But the mole is much closer than they think and he’s not going down without a fight. Can they push their own troubles aside long enough to catch him?


Cole and Cade are one of those couples that I love to read because of their connection. Add in meeting the family, tracking down a criminal, and the other Raiders, you have a fantastic story that keeps you guessing what happens next. I’ve read each of these and every one just keeps getting better.

—Amazon Reviewer

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