A Returned Raider


The past isn’t something Detective Cole Banks likes to think about. Not that he’ll have much of a choice when a murder forces Cade and him to return to his hometown. Old wounds are ripped open when their case leads them to Cole’s father, but confronting him about his abusive childhood doesn’t go the way Cole expected it to.

Detective Cade Lawson knows just how painful facing your past can be, and he’s determined to ensure the man he loves gets safely out on the other side of it. But it’s not only Cole’s past that rears its ugly head. Franklin makes some new discoveries that shift their whole world and reveal just how connected their pasts really are.

Cade and Cole have three murders to solve but things get complicated when they all seem related to an accident that occurred sixteen years ago. In order to get justice for an old friend, Cole has to detach himself emotionally from the case, but with Cade by his side, he might just get through it in time to catch the killer before he strikes again.


The storyline is well written, and we see other members of the Black Raiders make significant appearances in the book. Another winner in this series.

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