Jace: A King’s Disciples Prequel

Getting dragged into his half-brother’s fucked-up world is the last thing Jace wants. Not that he has a choice. The beatings are one thing, but having to do criminal things to stay on Ronin’s good side? He’s not so sure he can do that, even if it’s the only way to survive.

There isn’t much about his life that makes it worth living, though there is one biker that catches his attention. Jace knows better than to read into Ares’ kindness but how can he help himself when Ares looks at him as if he truly means something to him?

As he falls deeper in love with Ares, he finds himself shifting between wishing Ares would feel the same and fearing that he might, because there’s no way for them to be together. If they tried, someone would surely end up dead.

1 review for Jace: A King's Disciples Prequel

  1. Parul

    I always wondered what happened between Jace and Ares and how they met. Well, the wait is finally over!

    Poor Jace got dragged into something he never wanted and things only got worse. His life wasn’t easy yet one person in particular, made things bearable.

    Ares took matters into his own hands to protect those he cared for but at what cost? Read it and find out!

    Great prequel which answered a lot of questions.

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