Avenging a Raider


Eleven years ago, Lieutenant William Stanton’s entire world went up in flames. He lost his brother. His family. He left his old life behind to hunt down the people responsible. Avenging his brother was all he’d thought about, all he’d done, for a decade. A sexy little assassin shouldn’t be able to distract him from that goal, but he never counted on the feelings Colt would spark in him.

Colt ‘Shadow’ Castillo has a job to do. A very important one that could stop a terrorist, but he had to go rogue from the CIA to do it. His handler sending someone to retrieve him isn’t surprising. He never expected it to be the missing lieutenant of the Black Raiders, though. Teaming up with the man certainly wasn’t on his to-do list, but the attraction he feels for Will isn’t exactly driving him away.

With people to save, a job to do, and a terrorist to stop, can Colt allow himself to trust Will and the feelings he has for him? Can Will convince Colt he’s worthy of his love?


Avenging the Raider was fast paced and action packed. Overall, this was a good read.

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