The Black Raiders Boxed Set One: Books 1-3

Book 1: A Detached Raider
Detectives Cade Lawson and Cole Banks must work together to stop an elusive serial killer targeting sex offenders. While sparks fly between them, false alibis and dark secrets threaten not just their case but also their relationship. Can they stay focused on this twisted case while managing their undeniable attraction to each other?

Book 2: Deceiving a Raider
As Cole’s former marine squad, the Black Raiders, come back into his life, so does a long list of questions they’ve spent years trying to find answers to. When someone targets Cade, he’s confronted with his dark past. The one he fought so hard to leave behind. Is Cade and Cole’s relationship strong enough to survive all the lies and deceit?

Book 3: A Guarded Raider
Cole never thought he’d find love and now that he has it, there’s nothing he won’t do to protect Cade. They must return what Cade once stole, but to do so, they’ll have to face Cade’s family. When they return home, it’s to a scattered homicide department. The mole at BPD has returned with a vengeance. Can they push their own troubles aside long enough to catch the mole?

The Black Raiders Boxed Set Two: Books 4-6

Book 4: Disarming a Raider
When FBI agent Axel Bates agrees to protect his best friend’s twin brother, he gets way more than he bargained for, because Maze Romero is nothing like he imagined. Saving Maze quickly turns into more than a simple rescue mission. There’s nothing in the rulebook about living with a mobster and certainly nothing about falling in love with one.

Book 5: A Returned Raider
The past isn’t something Detective Cole Banks likes to think about. Not that he has a choice when a murder forces his partner and him to return to his hometown. Old wounds are ripped open when their case leads them to Cole’s father, but confronting him about his abusive childhood doesn’t go the way Cole expects it to.

Book 6: Avenging a Raider
Eleven years ago, Lieutenant William Stanton’s entire world went up in flames. He lost his brother. His family. He left his old life behind to hunt down the people responsible. Avenging his brother was all he’d thought about, all he’d done, for a decade. A sexy little assassin shouldn’t be able to distract him from that goal, but he never counted on the feelings Colt would spark in him.

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