Ace has done some stupid shit in his life, which is probably why no one is surprised when he crashes his bike. What does come as a surprise, though, is the butterflies in his stomach whenever he sees the firefighter who saved him. Kody shouldn’t be making him feel anything because he’s straight. Except he can’t deny his attraction to Kody. He needs to know if what he feels is real and the second Kody’s lips are on his, he knows he’ll never want to let the man go.

Kody has already had his heart broken once, and he’s not looking for a repeat, but Ace is nothing like his ex. He’s sweet and sexy as hell and makes him laugh. Ace is easy to fall for and he knows he should stay away, but he’s inexplicably drawn to the man. He’s not sure which part is the most daunting: Ace being an outlaw biker or Ace being straight. Neither seems to stop him from jumping right in despite the risk to his heart.

When Kody gets into a dangerous situation, Ace will do whatever it takes to keep him safe, but will that push Kody away from him or bring him closer?


2 reviews for ACE

  1. Mildred Jordan

    What do you get when you mix an outlaw biker and a firefighter? Ace has never thought himself as anything other than straight but after being rescued by a hot as hell firefighter, he starts to rethink everything. Kody is intrigued by the biker and after his past relationship crashed and burned, he was not interested in anything that resembled a relationship. He soon realizes Ace is different and feelings develop between the two. He is then thrust into the world of the MC. Can Kody cope with some of the things that must be done? Saving trafficked girls, saving people and doing good was not what he expected from an MC. Is there violence? Yes. But it’s sometimes necessary to get results. Once again, the club does what they do best, save and protect. Another awesome book in the series ❤️

  2. P Leslie

    Ace was adorable and Kody was a total gonna when he set his eyes on him. Ace went with the flow and I loved that he didn’t think too hard about his bi-awakening. These two were so freaking sweet.

    This book was definitely my favourite in the series! Ace stole my heart from the get go and Kody was perfect for him.

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