Ready for a Steamy Excerpt of Ace?

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Today, I wanted to share a little excerpt of my upcoming novel Ace: King’s Disciples Book 7. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to share Kody and Ace’s story with you!


He was sitting alone at the booth with the drink he still hadn’t finished yet while Cora was dominating at the pool table. She was making some guy lose all his money and even from where he sat, he could see the smug look on her face. The poor guy was getting roasted by his friends as well.

He decided to take pity on himself and go get a new drink which he was determined to swallow down so maybe he’d get in a better mood and join Cora at the pool table.

The second he had his drink in hand, he turned and bumped into someone, cringing when his drink spilled on the guy’s shirt.

“Oh, shit. I’m so sorry.”

The rumbling laugh coming from the man had him snapping his head up, his heart fluttering in his chest when he looked into deep blue eyes. He swallowed hard and it took him a second to realize that he was staring.

He put his glass down on the bar so he didn’t spill all over Ace again.

“Uh. Hi.”

Ace’s warm smile was reassuring enough to make his shoulders drop.

“Kody. Didn’t expect to see you here.”

Kody flopped his hand around while stuttering out, “Cora uh… the bar. We. Um…”

Ace stepped closer and he told himself it was just because he couldn’t hear what he was mumbling with how loud the music was and not for any of the many reasons he wanted it to be.

“Did you come for the booze or for something else?” Ace asked, lips brushing the shell of Kody’s ear.

His shiver was too fucking obvious for him to even attempt to hide it.

“Something else, I take it,” Ace said, moving back. His gaze was on Kody’s mouth for a second, then he lifted his head to meet Kody’s eyes.

Holy shit.

Yeah, Ace definitely wanted him. In that moment, he didn’t even know how he’d doubted it. It was so fucking clear in the way Ace looked at him. Like he wanted to devour him.

“Come with me,” Ace said, and Kody followed him through the bar and into a hallway.

They walked past the toilets and as they rounded a corner, he found himself pushed against a wall. His pulse skyrocketed and heat spread through him as he looked up into Ace’s eyes. He was watching Kody with curiosity, gaze roaming over Kody’s face before moving down his body. Just the thought of Ace kissing him had him half-hard and he knew Ace would see it. His pants wouldn’t hide anything.

Ace froze for a second, then moved back just a fraction of an inch, but whatever nerves had hit Ace disappeared fast because, in the next second, his lips were on Kody’s.

The hesitation he’d expected from Ace wasn’t there. His tongue was eagerly licking across Kody’s lips, and he opened for him with a groan. He ran his hand down Ace’s chest, loving the man’s responding gasp.

Ace kissed him like he couldn’t get enough of him, yet he held him like he was precious. Ace was a bunch of contradictions. He was rough around the edges but so damned soft, too.

Ace was… enchanting.

When they pulled apart, he felt almost lightheaded. No one had kissed him like that before. Like they wanted to dig under his skin just to have a peek at his soul.

“Wow. That was way better than I imagined,” Ace said, cheeks flushed, and his lips wet.

“Did you think it’d be bad?” Kody asked wryly.

Ace’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out.

“No. Hell no.” Ace shook his head. “Why are we still talking?”

Kody didn’t have time to think of an answer before Ace’s lips were back on his, Ace’s hands gripping his hair while he was being pushed back against the wall, Ace’s body pressing close.

Paperback front cover of Ace: King's Disciples MC book seven by author Ana Night.

Ace: King's Disciples Book 7 (PAPERBACK)

Ace has done some stupid shit in his life, which is probably why no one is surprised when he crashes his bike. What does come as a surprise, though, is the butterflies in his stomach whenever he sees the firefighter who saved him. Kody shouldn’t be making him feel anything because he’s straight. Except he can’t deny his attraction to Kody. He needs to know if what he feels is real and the second Kody’s lips are on his, he knows he’ll never want to let the man go.

Kody has already had his heart broken once, and he’s not looking for a repeat, but Ace is nothing like his ex. He’s sweet and sexy as hell and makes him laugh. Ace is easy to fall for and he knows he should stay away, but he’s inexplicably drawn to the man. He’s not sure which part is the most daunting: Ace being an outlaw biker or Ace being straight. Neither seems to stop him from jumping right in despite the risk to his heart.

When Kody gets into a dangerous situation, Ace will do whatever it takes to keep him safe, but will that push Kody away from him or bring him closer?


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