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Nash Holland is a paramedic who loves to help people. He’s never once been on the wrong side of the law, so when he gets a call to a motorcycle club, he’s apprehensive. Then he meets a biker who makes him weak in the knees. Nash never expected to find love in an outlaw biker, but he can’t deny the way Zayne makes him feel. Dating a biker with Nash’s profession isn’t a great idea, but he’s always been playing it safe and maybe Zayne is just the kind of danger that has been missing in his life.


Gabe is prospecting for the Salvation Kings motorcycle club. He’s also the president’s son which isn’t that much fun, especially because he’s in love with the club’s vice president and his father’s close friend. Joker is good at keeping people at arm’s length and Gabe knows it’ll be close to impossible to tear down all the walls Joker has built around his heart, but he’ll do whatever it takes to earn Joker’s trust and, hopefully, his love.


Sean has been forging things since he was a teenager. Paintings, vases, and documents he can do in his sleep. He’s even gotten very good at pretending he’s not in love with Mal. He risked his relationship with the Kings for the man and he doesn’t even know it, though that’s mostly because Sean can’t find him. Lucky for him, one day out of the blue, Mal shows up at his doorstep. The not-so-lucky part? He’s got a nasty bullet wound.


Hawk is an enforcer for the Salvation Kings, and he’s used to doing odd jobs for his president, but he never expected to be protecting the younger brother of King’s old Army buddy. Especially because said Army buddy is still in the Army, but then he meets Elijah, and his world is instantly turned upside down. He never thought he’d need anything other than his club and his brothers, but being with Elijah makes him want so much more.


Auggie aka Bandit is the Salvation Kings’ treasurer and hacker, and with half the former Henchmen now on their side, he has much to do. Russell, one of the Henchmen, is staying with the Kings as a liaison between their clubs. Russell is the kind of man Auggie wants but needs to stay away from. There’s something about the man that draws him in and, as much as Russell scares him, he also makes him feel safe and seen. His attraction to Russell is strong, but acting on it means trusting the man and sharing parts of himself he’s kept hidden for years.


Juno doesn’t do relationships and he’s content with that, right until Rome walks through the front door of the tattoo shop Juno works at. Rome is a dangerous man to want, but Juno didn’t join the Salvation Kings because he was afraid to go after what he wants. He’s always looking for a new adventure and being with Rome seems to be the kind that’ll never end. But what starts as a physical relationship soon evolves into much more than Juno ever thought he’d want.


Tommy thought spending the night with a stranger wouldn’t be complicated right until he found out that stranger was his baby brother’s best friend. Tommy shouldn’t want to keep seeing Edan, but he can’t seem to stay away from him. Loving Edan is easy. Being honest with himself and everyone else about it is not.


Walker’s life didn’t turn out the way he planned, but he’s worked hard the past three years to change that. He met his best friend when he started working at the Salvation Kings’ auto shop and even knowing just how bad an idea it is, he can’t stop his heart from getting involved. Being secretly in love with his best friend sucks, but he can’t help loving Jet. He’s everything Walker could ever want, which is why when Jet asks Walker to kiss him, he can’t say no.


Being released from prison is bittersweet for Jack. He may have done his time, but now he’ll have to make up for the things that got him locked up in the first place. Getting back into his club and King’s good graces may take more than he has to give. Then there’s the problem of his very own knight in shining armor who keeps jumping to his defense. All he really knows about Zero is that the guy pisses him off. For more than one reason.

Total Print Length

2026 Pages


5 x 8 Inches

Publication Date

20 December, 2023

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What others say about this series

This is the first book I’ve read by this author but will it be my last? Hell no! The intensity of Nash and Saint’s attraction made my toes curl. These two guys were hot in/out of the sheets and I enjoyed watching these two getting completely lost in each other. The secondary characters made me laugh whether it be Nash’s friends/family or members of the MC…


…I loved Auggie and Russell’s story, it was everything I wanted it to be and so much more. Fantastic addition to a wonderful, gripping yet sexy series that always leaves me wanting more.


Edan and Tommy were absolutely beautiful together. Their chemistry was explosive and hot. Their intimate moments were sweet and captured so much love, need and desire

Tommy’s family were amazing and I loved how they all used sign language to communicate with Edan.

Fantastic story and I really enjoyed it.


I have read this book 3 times and I love love it 😍


…These two didn’t have to try hard to be good together: they just were. The sexual tension was built up perfectly and the chemistry was off the charts.

Fantastic story, thoroughly enjoyed it. Great addition to the series!


…There was a lot more MC business going on in this instalment which was great. This book had it all; action, revenge, betrayal, violence and an unconditional love that grew stronger with each passing page.


…I really enjoyed Jet and Walker’s story – it was fun, steamy with a dash of danger to keep things interesting.




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