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Getting dragged into his half-brother’s fucked-up world is the last thing Jace wants. Not that he has a choice. The beatings are one thing, but having to do criminal things to stay on Ronin’s good side? He’s not so sure he can do that, even if it’s the only way to survive.

There isn’t much about his life that makes it worth living, though there is one biker that catches his attention. Jace knows better than to read into Ares’ kindness but how can he help himself when Ares looks at him as if he truly means something to him?



When Ares became the president of his motorcycle club, it was with a promise to destroy his former club and its president. He succeeded, but in doing so, he lost the one person who meant the most to him, so when Jace is literally dropped on his doorstep, he won’t let him run away again. Keeping Jace safe is the most important thing to Ares. Nothing else matters. Not even the burning desire he feels every time he thinks about Jace.



Texas has spent a year mourning his best friend. A year of booze and bad decisions. He’s not ready to put that on hold, but when his president orders him to play babysitter for a friend’s brother, he really has no choice. Though, Sawyer is nothing like he first assumed. What he thought was a snobby rich boy turns out to be a kind and funny man who awakens a part of him he didn’t even know was there. A part that wants Sawyer with a fervor.



When Griff is forced to work with Sam, aka the most frequent cause of his headaches, it goes nothing like he expects. Especially with Sam looking at him in a way that makes him break all his own rules. Including the ones that have kept him from entertaining the idea that Sam could be interested in him. He’s been hurt so many times that he’s sworn off relationships, but if there’s one man who can make him change his mind, it’s Sam.



Chris is on a mission to uncover the truth about his brother’s murder, but when he started this two years ago, he had no idea just how much of a distraction Diesel would be. Diesel may hold all the answers he’s been looking for, but he could also very well be the reason Chris fails his mission. Despite everything he knows about Diesel he just can’t seem to stay away from him.



When someone witnesses the Disciples in the middle of a kidnapping, Digger is forced to catch the witness, and from the first words out of Matt’s mouth, Digger finds himself enchanted. He’s relieved to find out Matt is a friend of a Disciple, because even after only a few hours with Matt, he knows he would never let anyone harm him. Not even if it meant keeping himself out of prison. Falling for Matt is the easiest, if not the scariest, thing he’s ever done.



When Kai fucks up and needs to run and hide, there’s only one man he can go to for help. Or, rather, there’s only one man he wants to go to. Steel might not be too happy to see him, but Kai is certain the chemistry he’s felt between them since they first met will work in his favor. After all, who could resist a disgraced assassin with a hit out on him?



Ace has done some stupid shit in his life, which is probably why no one is surprised when he crashes his bike. What does come as a surprise, though, is the butterflies in his stomach whenever he sees the firefighter who saved him. Kody shouldn’t be making him feel anything because he’s straight. Except he can’t deny his attraction to Kody. He needs to know if what he feels is real and the second Kody’s lips are on his, he knows he’ll never want to let the man go.

Total Print Length

1598 Pages


5 x 8 Inches

Publication Date

March 26, 2024

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What others say about this series

Jace and Ares had a long history but their feelings for each other never lessened despite their separation. I was rooting for these two all the way because they truly deserved to be happy.


Tex and Sawyer stole my heart – these two were beautiful together.

Tex surprised me when he went with the flow instead, of going into panic mode when he figured out he wasn’t as straight as he thought.

I really enjoyed this book – definitely one of my favourites.

P. Leslie

The things Kai did to get under Steel’s skin made me crack up. There was so much more to Kai, so many layers but underneath it all, he was a man who wanted to leave his past behind and find love…


What do you get when you mix an outlaw biker and a firefighter? Ace has never thought of himself as anything other than straight but after being rescued by a hot as hell firefighter, he starts to rethink everything…

…Once again, the club does what they do best, save and protect. Another awesome book in the series ❤️

Mildred Jordan

Matt was adorable. His lack of filter made me crack up. He was awkward yet sassy when he needed to be…


Another fantastic addition to the series!

Sam and Griff were explosive together. They were both overprotective of each other which was truly heartwarming…

P. Leslie


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