Texas has spent a year mourning his best friend. A year of booze and bad decisions. He’s not ready to put that on hold, but when his president orders him to play babysitter for a friend’s brother, he really has no choice. Though, Sawyer is nothing like he first assumed. What he thought was a snobby rich boy turns out to be a kind and funny man who awakens a part of him he didn’t even know was there. A part that wants Sawyer with a fervor.

When Sawyer discovers that his boyfriend is the worst kind of criminal, he calls his sister for help. Her motorcycle club sends him to the King’s Disciples to keep him safe. Sawyer’s focus should be on staying alive and laying low, but how is he supposed to help himself when the sexy straight guy protecting him keeps looking at him in a not so straight way? He knows he’s playing with fire, but one look into those baby blue eyes and he doesn’t care if he gets burned.

The small hope of a future together grows bigger with each day, but with a psychopath hunting Sawyer, and Texas still learning to live with his loss, is a relationship even a possibility?


I loved this! I honestly expected the book to be more angsty, considering Texas’s bitterness and grief, and Sawyer’s finding out about his ex bf criminal dealings. Instead I had a grin plastered on my face for most of the story.

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