Sean has been forging things since he was a teenager. Paintings, vases, and documents he can do easily. He’s even gotten very good at pretending he’s not in love with Mal. He risked his relationship with the Kings for Mal and he doesn’t even know it. That’s mostly because Sean can’t find him, though. Lucky for him, one day, out of the blue, the man shows up at his doorstep. The not so lucky part? The bullet wound Mal is suffering from.

Mal has been a part of the darker side of the world for most of his life. Killing is what he does best. Then he had to go and accidentally save Sean’s life two years ago. He’s been in love with Sean and running from those feeling ever since. Being cooped up with Sean doesn’t help the situation. He wants Sean more than anything, but most of all, he wants a relationship, and he knows Sean doesn’t want that.

Their attraction burns hotter with each day and, in the end, they can’t resist. But with danger lying in wait for them, ready to strike at any second, can Mal convince Sean to give their relationship a real shot?

Mal belongs to the Salvation Kings MC series but the MCs are not from the motorcycle club. It’s not recommended to be read as a standalone. Best read after Joker, Salvation Kings MC book 2.


Mal and Sean are hot. I really enjoyed their interactions and their chemistry definitely was heated. The story was interesting and entertaining. Angst, suspense and heat

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“Wonderful characters, lots of action, suspense all combine to make a terrific story!”

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“Steamy and touching story of learning to trust and love.  This is a story of learning to build again and creating a future that is what you need and want.  I loved these MC’s and how they found their way to each other.”

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“Juno and Rome’s story blew me away. What a great book. I have not enjoyed a book so much in a long time. Their story was beautiful.”

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