Book 2 in the Salvation Kings MC series

1. A Detached Raider

Gabe is a prospect at the Salvation Kings motorcycle club. He’s also the president’s son, which isn’t as fun as it sounds. Especially because he’s in love with Joker; the club’s vice president and his father’s close friend. Joker is good at keeping people at arm’s length and Gabe knows it’ll be close to impossible to tear down all the walls Joker has built over the years. But he’ll do whatever it takes to earn Joker’s trust and, hopefully, his love.

Joker has been the vice president of his club for nearly two years. He loves being a King, and he’s done everything he can to live up to the responsibility he’s been given. He’s always been pulled toward Gabe and when he moved into Joker’s spare bedroom, that pull grew into something much stronger. He’s never wanted anyone as much as he wants Gabe, but he’s been keeping his distance, knowing if he gave in, there would be no turning back.

The Henchmen still pose a big threat to the club and it’s not long before Joker and Gabe find themselves in danger. Forced together, passion soon ignites between them, but is Joker willing to put everything on the line for a chance with Gabe?

“This is an incredible series. I truly look forward to each book as they come out. I cannot wait to see what is in store for the King’s next! Ana has a definite winner with this series on her hands.”
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“I loved Joker and Gabe in the first book so I was really excited to read their story. These two got an exciting, sexy roller coaster ride filled with lovely tension, a bit of conflict, plenty of action and all the great feels.”
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