Nash Holland is a paramedic who lives for helping people. He’s never once been on the wrong side of the law. When he gets a call to a motorcycle club, he’s apprehensive, but then he meets a biker that makes his knees go weak. He never expected to find love in an outlaw biker, but he can’t deny the way Zayne makes him feel. Dating a biker with Nash’s profession isn’t a great idea but he’s been playing it safe all his life and maybe Zayne is just the right kind of danger for him.

Zayne ‘Saint’ Lewis isn’t your average biker; he’s the road captain of the Salvation Kings MC and he’s not afraid to do what’s necessary to protect his club. He’s a one-percenter but he’s dedicated his life to helping people in need. He’s hesitant to bring Nash into his club life, unsure if Nash will be able to handle it. One thing he’s sure of, though, is the way Nash makes him feel.

Will the secrets and dangers of Zayne’s life jeopardize their relationship? With a war brewing between his and a rival club, can Zayne keep Nash safe?


This was such a good love story with a little drama added in with a mix of danger. I look forward to the next book when it comes out.

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