Working a murder is one thing. The murder being connected to a serial killer? Well, that’s just part of the job. Having to work that murder with a grumpy detective from out of town? That’s where Detective Cade Lawson draws the line. If he could. As it is, he has no choice in the matter because the serial killer case is led by Detective Cole Banks.

Cade’s lively spirit makes Cole want to shoot him. That would be against the law he’s been working to uphold for the past decade, though. Instead, he finds himself more and more drawn to the detective as they’re forced to spend long days together, working to catch a serial killer that targets pedophiles and child abusers.

Their relationship starts out rocky, but Cade sees something in Cole. Something he can’t help poking and prodding at because he knows there has to be a man who wants more underneath that armor Cole has put up around his heart. But in prying it open, will he just end up losing a man he could see himself spending his life with?


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