Hawk is an enforcer for the Salvation Kings MC. He’s used to doing odd jobs for his president, but he never expected to be protecting the brother of one of King’s old army buddies. When Hawk meets Elijah, his world is turned upside down. He never thought he’d need anything other than his club and his brothers, but Elijah makes him want so much more. With every second spent with Elijah, he falls a little bit more in love.

Elijah is a teacher at a school for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. He never expected to get involved with a motorcycle club but, then again, he never thought he’d stumble over a man dumping a body either. He got the man sent to jail but while he waits for the trial to begin, he’s noticed someone stalking him. The last thing he wants is someone else following him around all day, but Hawk won’t take no for an answer. Elijah knows Hawk is dangerous, but during their time together, he gets to know a man he could easily imagine a life with.

With a murderer targeting Elijah and Hawk’s past threatening to jeopardize the life he’s built, the odds aren’t in their favor. Will they come out on the other side unscathed?


Solid writing, gripping plot and our favorite group of bikers. I truly enjoyed Hawk and Elijah’s story. They are a very cute couple and their forming relationship is wonderfully portrayed.

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“Steamy and touching story of learning to trust and love.  This is a story of learning to build again and creating a future that is what you need and want.  I loved these MC’s and how they found their way to each other.”

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“Juno and Rome’s story blew me away. What a great book. I have not enjoyed a book so much in a long time. Their story was beautiful.”

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“As a huge fan of the Salvation Kings series, I was beyond excited to read Edan… This is a story of awakenings and realizing what is truly important! I loved Edan and Tommy!”

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