When Griff is forced to work with Sam, aka the most frequent cause of his headaches, it goes nothing like he expects. Especially with Sam looking at him in a way that makes him break all his own rules. Including the ones that have kept him from entertaining the idea that Sam could be interested in him. He’s been hurt so many times that he’s sworn off relationships, but if there’s one man who can make him change his mind, it’s Sam.

Getting into trouble is Sam’s specialty and Griff always ends up being the one patching him back together. That doesn’t help to squash the crush he’s had on the guy for years. He never thought Griff would want him, but when the man makes it clear that he does, holding back isn’t an option. Falling for Griff is easy. Making Griff believe it, though? It’ll take a lot of convincing but, fortunately, Sam is anything but a quitter.

With a great threat looming over their club and their brothers, there’s already much at stake for them, but is Griff ready to risk it all on giving Sam a chance?


These two do not get along in their everyday life but man do they have a chemistry that just won’t quit. You can feel the heat and the smoke coming off the page. And the action sequences mixed in throughout will keep you engaged the whole way through.

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