Zayne & Nash

This short story features characters from the Salvation Kings MC series and may contain spoilers. This story is set during Juno.


When King had told him Emma and Miles were headed back to them, he’d been shocked. They’d never had anyone return before. Zayne had volunteered to take the kids until they’d figured out what the hell to do with them. Not that he didn’t know what he wanted. He just had to convince Nash what a good idea it was.

He had Juno with him, thanks to King. Not that he really minded. Juno was the kind of guy everyone liked. The kind women fought over even though he never really cared. He seemed, though, to care about Rome D’Alessio. How those two had connected, he didn’t know, and he didn’t think Juno was ready to talk about it, so he didn’t ask. Instead, they kept the conversation on bikes and tattoos; things they could both talk about for hours. It only took half an hour, though, and as he turned into the supermarket parking lot, his heart was beating like crazy.

He spotted a man in a red cap standing by a car and then he noticed the two kids, one at each side of him. He pulled the car over close to them and got out. Those kids had tugged at his heartstrings, probably more than anyone else he’d transported. There was just something about them that had made him love them from the second he’d met them.

Emma looked up, her eyes growing wide when she saw him.

“Zayne,” she yelled and took off in a run toward him.

He could barely breathe as he dropped to his knees and caught her as she jumped into his arms. He held her close, his eyes squeezed shut. Just knowing she was happy to see him made his heart swell.

Zayne leaned back to meet Emma’s gaze and shared a big smile with her.

“Are you taking us with you?” she asked.

Zayne nodded. “I am. You’re coming home with me.”

If he’d thought her smile was big before, it had nothing on the one she gave him then. He pulled her close and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. He got up and turned to the man who’d brought the kids.

“I kid you not, they haven’t said a thing to me the past three hours,” he said with a shake of his head.

Zayne walked up to him and held out his hand. “Thank you for bringing them.”

“From watching her react like that, it’s my fucking pleasure, man.”

Zayne felt his lips quirk as pride spread through him. He was fucking elated and relieved that Emma felt safe with him. It meant the world to him.

Miles had already gotten into the backseat, so Zayne took Emma’s hand and led her to the other side of the car. He got her into the car seat and buckled her in while Juno spoke with both kids, or, charmed them, was probably a better word for it.

“Are you a friend of Zayne and Gabe’s?” Emma asked Juno.

“I don’t know if I would say friend,” Juno said, making Zayne’s head snap up. He glared at Juno until a grin spread on the man’s face as he said, “More like brother.”

Zayne rolled his eyes, though he tried to hide it by turning away. From Juno’s chuckle, he wasn’t fast enough. He shut Emma’s door and got behind the wheel, turning in his seat to look at the kids he was taking home. He just hoped Nash wouldn’t strangle him for it. Well, honestly, Nash was usually the one taking home strays, so he really shouldn’t get to complain. Besides, Nash was a sucker for kids and Zayne knew these two would melt Nash’s heart just as they had his a year ago.

“Let’s get you guys home.”


When Zayne had called and told him he was bringing someone home who needed a place to stay for a while, he hadn’t expected those someone’s to be two adorable kids. A boy and a girl. Close in age and both with blonde hair and brown eyes. The girl was clinging to Zayne who was talking low to her. The boy seemed a bit shut down as he followed them, not even looking up to see the house or Nash.

When they reached the front porch, Zayne put the girl down and smiled at Nash. He leaned in for a kiss, which Nash couldn’t deny him and never would.

“Hi, babe. Thanks for doing this,” Zayne said.

“Of course.”

He crouched down in front of the girl and smiled warmly at her.

“Hi, sweetie. I’m Nash. What’s your name?”

She glanced up at Zayne for a second before returning her gaze to Nash. “Emma.”

“Emma? What a lovely name.”

The smile on Emma’s face was shy but also proud. She was by far the cutest thing he’d ever seen.

“This is Miles,” Zayne said while ruffling poor Miles’ hair.

Nash chuckled and shook Miles’ hand. The kid was more closed off than his sister, but Nash figured they wouldn’t be involved with the Kings unless something had happened to them, so he didn’t want to push him. Whatever time Miles needed, he’d get.

“So, do you guys like muffins?” Nash asked with raised brows.

Emma squealed in answer while Miles nodded, a tiny smile finding his lips. Nash led them into the kitchen where he gave them both a plate with one of his mother’s newly made chocolate muffins. He showed the kids into the living room, then turned to Zayne who had a guilty look on his face.

“I have to be at the gym soon. I’m sorry for putting all this on you,” Zayne said, nibbling nervously on his bottom lip.

“Babe.” Nash wrapped his arms around the back of Zayne’s neck and leaned against him. “Don’t ever apologize for helping people.”

Zayne breathed out heavily and relaxed against Nash. He brushed a kiss to Nash’s lips before moving back.

“Can I ask what happened?” Nash asked even though he knew he’d probably hate the answer.

A dark look covered Zayne’s face. “Their parents were murdered, and their killers have been after Emma and Miles for over a year.”

Nash blinked at Zayne. Surprise and heartache filling him in an instant.

“Did they… did they see?”

Zayne’s nod had Nash’s throat closing up, tears welling in his eyes. He couldn’t even imagine what those two had been through.

“Thank you,” Nash croaked out. “For bringing them here. For keeping them safe.”

Zayne lowered his head to press a kiss to Nash’s lips.

“I love you,” Zayne said as he pulled back.

“I love you, too.”

 He followed Zayne to the front door and stole another kiss before Zayne walked out. Then he stayed there for a moment, just trying to breathe as he took in the information Zayne had given him. Whatever it took, he was gonna make sure those two sweet kids were safe and happy.

He walked into the living room to find Miles and Emma on the floor with Raven, their rescue cat. For a second, he froze in his tracks. Raven could be quite reactive and defensive toward other people and the last thing he wanted was for her to hurt any of the kids. But once he actually got a good look at what was happening, happiness spread through him. Raven was in Emma’s lap, content to let the kids pet her as she purred and used her front paws to guide them to her belly. Nash watched them for a while before deciding to let them be.


Zayne had returned the day before just in time to tuck in the kids. Emma had loved the hell out of making Zayne read a bedtime story and then sing to them. Miles had complained and put his pillow over his head. Nash didn’t blame him. Zayne’s singing was comparable to the sound Raven made when someone stepped on her tail.

He’d watched Zayne with the kids, and it was obvious that Zayne adored them. He was pretty sure he’d fallen in love with them himself the second he’d seen them with Raven. They were fucking adorable. Emma’s laugh was contagious, and the way Miles looked out for her kinda reminded him of the Kings.

Zayne had had to leave that morning and while he’d seemed apologetic about leaving Nash alone with the kids again, Nash had nearly pushed the man out the door because he’d wanted some time with Emma and Miles alone. He only had that day off before he had a ten hour shift at the firehouse, and he wanted to spend the day really getting to know them.

He’d quickly found out that Miles loved to read while Emma enjoyed board games. Playing with Raven was also a big hit, so he’d found all Raven’s toys for them. They hadn’t spoken too much but he was fine with just letting them have some fun while they got used to being with him and Zayne. More than anything, he wanted them to feel safe.

He was in the kitchen making lunch when he heard something hit the floor and just knew Raven had swatted something off the coffee table again. A scream had him freezing for a second that felt like it lasted forever. Then he ran into the living room, his heart in his throat.

He found Emma on the couch, curled up with her knees against her chest. Miles was standing a bit away, his arms around himself as he stared at his sister with a heartbroken look in his eyes.

Nash slowly sat down on the couch. Emma lifted her head and looked at him with tear-filled eyes.

“Emma? It’s okay, sweetheart. You’re safe.”

Emma nodded and said, “I know,” then put her face in her hands as she cried.

“Honey, can you tell me what happened?” Nash asked.

Emma sniffed and took her hands away from her face.

“The ones who… you know. They found us. They’re… They’re gone now but I…”

Nash’s heart squeezed painfully in his chest. Seeing Emma so terrified hurt him deep into his bones. How he wished he could take that hurt away from them.

“We didn’t feel safe there anymore,” Miles said from behind Nash, making him glance over his shoulder at him.

The look in Miles’ eyes was one of pain and fear. Everything those two precious kids had been through… All he wanted was to take them into his arms and never let them go. Never let anyone else hurt them.

“We ran away,” Emma said between sniffles.

Nash turned his gaze back on Emma. “Oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry.”

Miles walked around Nash to sit next to his sister. He took her hand and they shared a look before they both seemed to relax.

Nash put his hand over both of theirs and said, “You’re safe now. I promise you, I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.”

Emma glanced up, meeting Nash’s gaze. “Can we stay here? I want to stay here. It’s really nice and I like you a lot. You’re nice.”

Nash opened his mouth, but he had no clue what to say. Did he want them to stay? Hell yeah. Did he want them in his life? In his and Zayne’s lives? Absolutely. Could they stay? He didn’t know. He had no idea what the Kings had planned for them. Didn’t know if Zayne would want to keep them.

None of that mattered right then. There was only one right answer to Emma’s question.

“If you want to stay, I’ll make it happen.”

“Really?” Miles asked, his eyes big and vulnerable.

Nash nodded. “I guess the only question is whether you two want to stay?”

The question was more aimed at Miles, though. Emma had already made her feelings quite clear.

Emma nodded vigorously, then turned to Miles who looked thoughtful for what felt like forever before he said, “I would like that.”

“Yeah?” Nash asked, a smile already spreading on his face.

Miles nodded and Emma let out a loud squeal before jumping into Nash’s arms. He laughed as he hugged her close. He glanced up at Miles who looked hesitant.

“Get in here,” Nash said, a stone falling from his heart when Miles smiled and wrapped his arms around Nash and his sister.

Now he just needed to convince Zayne and King that keeping the kids was as great an idea as they thought.


When he walked through the front door of his and Nash’s house, he was met with the sound of children laughing. That in itself had been a dream of his for a long time, but knowing it was something he got to share with Nash just made it all that much better.

Before he made it down the hallway, Nash appeared in the doorway to the living room. He was biting his lip and rubbing his hands on his jeans.

“Hi, babe,” Zayne said.

“Uh. Hi.”

Zayne walked up to him, nerves hitting him. Something had to be wrong. Was it the kids? But they were laughing, weren’t they? Did Nash not want them there? Fuck…

“Uh.” Nash looked anywhere but at Zayne. “I kinda told the kids they could stay with us. Permanently.”

Zayne knew his eyebrows must’ve hit the fucking ceiling.

Nash finally met Zayne’s gaze and blurted out, “I know I totally overstepped so many boundaries and I know I shouldn’t have made this decision on my own. I should’ve waited. I should’ve talked to you about it. It was just… It kinda just happened. Emma asked and I knew I had to be honest with her. I had to be honest with myself. I want to keep them, Zayne.”

Zayne blinked at Nash.

Nash nibbled on his bottom lip, then took a step closer.

“Please say something.”

Zayne didn’t know how to express how he felt with words, so he didn’t. He walked up to Nash, cupped his face in his hands, and took his mouth in a heated kiss. Nash leaned against him and opened to him with a moan. Zayne put everything he felt into that kiss, hoping Nash would understand just how much he loved him.

When he pulled back, he couldn’t help but smile at how debauched Nash looked. He brushed his thumbs over Nash’s cheeks and met his gaze.

“To be honest, I wanted to take them home with me when I met them a year ago. But I knew I couldn’t give them the home they deserved back then, so I let them go.”

“They’re home now,” Nash said.