The Queen’s Curse book one

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Is finding the truth, worth the price?

In a world rife with swords, knights, and magic, evil hides in plain sight.

Lilly, the daughter of a much-revered Earl, lives a seemingly normal existence… on the surface. But behind the shroud of her status lies a secret – one that will put her at odds with others who wear the Mark of Magic proudly and those whom will bring her harm.

When given the opportunity to learn the truth about her heritage and her lack of magic, she flees her home, naïve to the danger she’ll soon face. With only a horse and an enchanted pendant to guide her, her perilous journey begins, but as the danger rises, she finds an unlikely ally in André, a man on the run from his own troubles.

Can they work together to root out the answers she seeks or could the truth be far worse than she could have imagined?

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