Edan: A Salvation Kings MC Short Story

Tommy thought spending the night with a stranger wouldn’t be complicated right until he found out that stranger was his baby brother’s best friend. Tommy shouldn’t want to keep seeing Edan, but he can’t seem to stay away from him. Loving Edan is easy. Being honest with himself and everyone else about it is not.

Edan knows falling for his best friend’s closeted brother is a bad idea. Yet that doesn’t stop him from doing exactly that. Keeping their relationship a secret takes a toll on him, and Tommy being deployed half the time doesn’t help either. Seeing his best friend fall in love and make a home with his boyfriend makes him realize he wants more than Tommy can give him and it tears them apart.

When Tommy retires from the Army, there’s only one thing he wants: Edan. He’ll have to prove it to him, though he gets the chance to do just that when they leave for Edan’s family ranch in Colorado, and he won’t let a little gunfire or a few angry cowboys get in his way. But is it enough to convince Edan he’s all in this time?

Edan belongs to the Salvation Kings MC series, but the MCs are not from the motorcycle club. It can be read after Hawk, Salvation Kings MC book 3, though it is set after Juno, Salvation Kings MC book 5.

1 review for Edan: A Salvation Kings MC Short Story

  1. PL

    Edan and Tommy were absolutely beautiful together. Their chemistry was explosive and hot. Their intimate moments were sweet and captured so much love, need and desire

    Tommy’s family were amazing and I loved how they all used sign language to communicate with Edan.

    Fantastic story and I really enjoyed it.

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