The Black Raiders: Book two

Word Count: 72K

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“In this action-packed, exciting, and tension-filled sequel we get up close and personal with this quirky Black Raider team as they come together for a rescue mission.”

Maryann, The Novel Approach

“Action-packed story that brings the incredible cast from book one back together to catch the bad guy! The writing flowed so beautifully, creating scenes with meaning and depth that were still in context of this very fast-paced story.”

—Amazon reviewer

“This book was as good as the previous one. Ana Night was one of the highlights of 2017 when I discovered her.”

—Amazon reviewer





The Black Raiders: Book one

Word Count: 94K

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“This was one of those books that just leave you feeling like you were in the book with the characters.”

Tosha, Gay Book Reviews 

“All in all, A Detached Raider was a good story and an interesting mystery. I think it’s a solid foundation for a new series… I definitely recommend it, especially to fans of detective/killer stories.”

Kenna, Joyfully Jay

“Ana Night has constructed a rollercoaster ride of a serial murder mystery in which the murders are not the only thing to keep you guessing.”

Maryann, The Novel Approach

“Where in the fuck did this book come from?…This story fucking rocked.”

—Goodreads reviewer