The following are short stories in the Salvation Kings universe.

Hawk & Elijah

He was staring out the window, waiting for his brother to arrive. Tommy was gonna be in town for a few days and they were going out for lunch. Tommy had called and said there was something he wanted to tell him. Of course, he’d been stressing over what it might be since he’d gotten that call…

Auggie & Russell

He grabbed the car keys from the hook by the door and put on his sneakers. He glanced over his shoulder, a frown forming on his forehead.

“Auggie? You coming?”

“Just a second,” Auggie yelled…

Zayne & Nash

When King had told him Emma and Miles were headed back to them, he’d been shocked. They’d never had anyone return before. Zayne had volunteered to take the kids until they’d figured out what the hell to do with them. Not that he didn’t know what he wanted. He just had to convince Nash what a good idea it was...


The following are short stories in the Black Raiders universe.

A Very Cade(ish) Christmas

“Step away from the food.”
He froze with his hands in the gingerbread dough. He glanced over his shoulder at Cole who had his arms crossed and was watching him with narrowed eyes.
“Now, Cade.”…

Happy Fucking New Year

Cade was grumbling to himself, much to Cole’s amusement. He needed to remind himself every so often to watch the house instead of Cade. Not that the man made it easy on him. Lots of sounds came from Cade, groans when he stretched, moans when he sipped his coffee, and they were just suggestive enough…

Valentine & Chocolate

“Tell me again why we’re working on Valentine’s Day?”
Cole looked up from the folder in his hands and said, “Because we’re both supposed to be single.”
Cade pursed his lips and nodded slowly. “Makes sense.”…