When someone witnesses the Disciples in the middle of a kidnapping, Digger is forced to catch him as well, and from the first words out of Matt’s mouth, Digger finds himself enchanted. He’s relieved to find out Matt is a friend of a Disciple, because even after only a few hours with Matt, he knows he would never let anyone harm him. Not even if it meant keeping himself out of prison. Falling for Matt is the easiest, if not the scariest, thing he’s ever done.

Getting kidnapped wasn’t on Matt’s bucket list, but neither was falling in love with his kidnapper. Despite the circumstances of their first meeting, there is something soft and almost sweet about Digger, and try as he may, Matt can’t stay away from him for long. Digger understands Matt in ways no one else ever has, and he quickly crawls under Matt’s skin, seemingly with no intention of ever leaving.

The darkness surrounding Digger threatens to pull Matt down into the abyss with him. If Matt can’t handle it, Digger may have to say goodbye to his only chance at forever. If someone else doesn’t take Matt from him first.

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“This author draws you in and doesn’t let you go. I loved Jace and Ares and cannot wait for more.”

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“Tex and Sawyer stole my heart – these two were beautiful together.”

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“This is another great addition to this series and leaves you more than ready for the next book.”

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