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Series: The Black Raiders, book one

Genre: MM, mystery romance

Lenght: 94K words/350 pages

Published: 11-28-2017

ASIN: B077G51M5N



Detective Cade Lawson believes in justice. But when a serial killer targets pedophiles and child abusers, lines tend to get blurry. When the serial killer strikes in Cade’s city, along follow the uptight and handsome Detective Cole Banks. Cole comes with a truckload of baggage and a hell of an attitude but nevertheless, Cade is instantly attracted to him.

Cole has been trying to catch the serial killer the media dubbed ‘The Executioner’ for almost two years. He hopes the new development in the case will provide the break he needs to catch the killer. Unfortunately, once in Baltimore, he must join forces with the alluring and absolute pain in the ass, Detective Cade Lawson. Sparks fly and not just the good kind as they struggle through their case.

As their attraction burns hotter with each day, false alibies and dark secrets threaten not just their case but also their fragile relationship. Can Cade’s lively personality and his unwavering trust and faith in Cole push him back into the confines of humanity, or will Cole run to safety the first chance he gets?


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Author Bio

Ana Night is a writer of fantasy, romance, LGBT, new adult, and mystery. Yes, it’s a lot, but she loves all of it. She’s an avid reader, who has loved the written word since she first discovered it.

Ana is all for love stories—as long as there’s some sort of action involved, be that sword fights, crime solving or anything in between.

When she’s not writing, you can find her either with her nose buried in a book, singing and dancing like a lunatic, or out in the world, causing trouble.

Ana lives in Denmark, where she spends a lot of time running from her ninja kitty—that thing goes for the ankles—and being lost in the woods with her horse.


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1. A Detached Raider