The Queen’s Curse book two

coming soon

One woman. One curse. Who will break first?

Lilly is no longer in the dark.She’s taking on her role as a lady. In the day, she’s as prim and proper as she’s ever been. At night, she’s fighting tooth and nail to find a way to survive. If anyone discovers her secret, she’ll be dead the second the Duke hears of it.

Keeping up the appearance turns out to be both dangerous and exhilarating. Court is nothing like she imagined; it’s much worse.

No more secrets. That’s what her family promised her. So why does she feel as if they’re still keeping something from her?

Separating friend from foe becomes impossible when Lilly’s world crashes in a blaze of fire. Soon she finds that there is much more than her own life and that of her loved ones at stake.

The fate of the world rests on Lilly’s shoulders, but is she strong enough to bear the burden or will she crumble under the weight?


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