Excerpt from Unleashed

Hello, all!

While I’m on vacation in sunny Sicily, I thought you all might enjoy a little excerpt from Unleashed. Remember, if you sign up for my newsletter, you get the first chapter for FREE.



I whistle for Cap, who’s wandered away from me in his pursuit of grass. He grunts but raises his head to look at me like he’s waiting for confirmation that I mean it. I call out for him. He trots towards me, only stopping when he’s right in front of me.

I lift my hand to grab his halter, but he nips at my fingers. I chuckle and pull out a piece of bread for him. Once he’s swallowed that, he nips at my pockets for more. I pull his head away and kiss him on his muzzle.

I tighten his saddle girth and put his bridle back on. After a last look around us to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything, I gather his reins and put my foot in the stirrup. I push off from the ground and only just settle in the saddle when Cap starts to stomp around.

“Whoa. Easy boy.”

I try to soothe him, but something has him frightened. Something I can’t see or hear. Yet. Captain throws his head up, narrowly missing my chin. I hum a tune to relax myself and settle him.

I jerk my head to the right at the sounds of branches breaking and feet hitting the ground hard in a run. Out of the bushes leaps a young man, his face etched with exhaustion, yet he only seems to run faster. Cap stomps his front leg into the ground, but I ignore him as I watch the man. What is he running from?

The answer, turns out to be two big men, both with dark expressions etched onto their faces. They burst through the bushes, a good twenty feet behind the young man. He glances over his shoulder at the men. They’re dressed in all black and a lot of leather. My body is frozen, though my mind is not; frantically trying to make sense of it all. Why are those men chasing him?

One of the men throws something after the young man. It embeds in a tree right next to where his head had been mere seconds before. It’s a knife. A big knife.

I gasp. My heart thunders in my chest. Sweat brakes out on my skin. I almost drop the reins when Cap jerks under me. Their intentions are clear to me then; they want him dead.

The young man’s eyes widen when he notices me at last. He waves his arms to get my attention.

“Run,” he yells.


Unleashed is available for preorder at:



Unleashed comes out on June 14.

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