Works In Progress

So what have i been doing since the release of ‘The Key’?

I’ve been planning, world building and making countless character sheets for my upcoming urban fantasy series ‘The Horsemen of Redemption’.

What is this series about?

So far, I’ve planned 4 books in this series(but you never know) and each will feature a different main character. Though they will all be connected. The story arc as a whole follows the children of the original four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The main character in the first book ‘Angel of Death’ is Aria Cooper, a high school student in L.A. She’s not your average 17 year old though. She’s a Reapling, the child of a Reaper, an angel that escorts souls of the dead to Heaven or Hell.

Aria thinks that she’s got her life all figured out, but there is much she doesn’t know about her world and even herself. When she’s attacked by creatures she thought only existed in books and movies, she’s saved by a group of people that’s ultimately a part of her hidden world, yet she’s never heard about them before.

Can she trust them with her secret, and what about those butterflies she gets every time Asher is near?

An old evil has risen and Aria is the target. Can she beat this evil threatening not only the people she loves, but her very existence?

Find out this year.

Further information regarding the book and series will be announced on this page and through the newsletter so sign up here

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